Improve your chances of fertility!

To make a healthy baby you must first be healthy yourself!

Whether you are just beginning to think about getting pregnant, have been trying for a while, or are currently going through fertility treatments we can help you ensure that your body and health are in the best state possible with our natural fertility program.

Our comprehensive fertility programs are designed to support and enhance the state of health in both partners involved in conception. Research shows that 30-50% of unexplained infertility is due in part to the male partner so it is important to address the health of both partners.

What you do for the next 90 days will change the health of your body, the quality and health of both sperm and eggs, and significantly increase your chances of conception. Our programs have successfully helped many many couples achieve a happy healthy baby even after suffering infertility for 3-8 years. 

Our fertility programs are designed to produce lasting benefits improving your health over a 90 day period. During this 90 day program you will be personally guided on transforming your health in every aspect. Detailed training and guidance will be provided in the following areas for both enhanced fertility and prenatal care:

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  • Proper Nutrition
  • Re-balancing Hormones 
  • Eliminating Fertility Disrupting Pathogens
  • Healing Leaky Gut
  • Improving Digestion
  • The Right Fertility Enhancing Supplementation 
  • Hormone Promoting Exercise
  • Hormone Enhancing Lifestyle Changes
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Meal Planning and Shopping Instructions
  • Fertility Cleansing
  • Fertility Enhancing and Hormone Balancing Recipes
  • Overall Wellness Tips For Fertility

Healthy people make healthy babies!

This program is for you if:

  • You have been given a diagnosis of unexplained infertility
  • You are just beginning your fertility process and want to ensure your best chances of conception and healthy pregnancy
  • You have been through conventional fertility treatments and are ready to try something natural
  • You want to clean up your diet and transform your life
  • You are seeking natural solutions to enhance fertility
  • You are willing to spend a few months working on improving your health and not expecting an overnight miracle
  • You are looking to cleanse unwanted toxins from your body to give your body the best chance of conception
  • You are willing to take additional supplements to prepare your body for pregnancy 
  • You are willing and open to trying new things
  • You have a good support system at home that is willing to make small changes with you
  • You are open minded and ready to take on a challenge
  • You want to give your body the best chance possible before your next conventional treatment (IVF etc)

This Program is NOT for you if:

  • You do not want to change your diet and lifestyle
  • You want overnight results and promises 
  • You are not willing to try new things
  • You do not want a natural solution to your infertility
  • You do not want to cleanse
  • You do not find value in a comprehensive alternative program

What will you get with this 90 day program?

Fully comprehensive program divided into 4 phases.

  • 1st phase is the Preparation and Education phase so that you can effectively accomplish the transformation we are working toward and don't feel lost in the process.
  • 2nd is the detoxification phase where we will begin to clean out the unwanted toxins in the body to take some of the burden off of the system so that your body can begin to heal itself.
  • The 3rd phase is the rebuilding or restoration phase time to build your body back up by replacing all of your deficiencies, balancing hormones, uncovering other hidden barriers to health, and making sure your body is in optimal working order.
  • The 4th phase is designing your lifestyle maintenance plan. You did all this hard work we dont want you to throw it all away by going right back to the way you took care of your body prior to this program. You have good habits in place now we need to develop ways to keep many of those in your life. 


  • Nutrition instructions, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and tips on stocking your kitchen with proper foods, kitchen appliances, and supplies to benefit your new lifestyle
  • Recommendations for hormone, endocrine, and digestive testing and protocols
  • Lifestyle tips and recommendations to enhance fertility and increase health
  • Recommendations for supplementation during the program (herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, digestive enzymes, etc) for both partners doing program (supplements are optional-additional cost and available through our office in needed)
  • 1 hour initial private phone, skype, or in office consultation with me to discuss health concerns and answer any questions you may have to make sure you are ready to embark on your new path
  • Video and audio sessions to help you along your journey to wellness and hormonal balance
  • Surprise beneficial bonuses throughout the 90 day program
  • Private access to a dedicated Facebook group to share with others who are currently on program or have done the program already and weekly Q&A with myself in Facebook group
  • Step by Step guidance by me personally throughout program
  • The benefit of 10 years experience and what clients typically pay $1000's of dollars for in an in office program all wrapped up in an online deliverable program that you can do from home at your own pace

Program Cost $895 

*COST DOES NOT INCLUDE...recommended supplements, lab work, or additional private consultations if needed.

Recommended supplements will be discussed during initial consultation and most are available through our office or your local health food store or we will direct you to where you can purchase if needed.